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nonwoven shoe cover machine



nonwoven shoe cover machine


Size:150*400mm(W*L) (when extension)  with double elastic

Material:non-woven fabric  width:330-340mm

        Nonwovenstrip width 20mm

             Elastic width: 4mm - 3pcs


B  Technical Parameter :

 Supply Power: AC380V or 220V

Power : 15 kw

Optimum Speed : 60-80pcs/minute

Dimensions :4300*3500*1800mm(L*W*H)

Net Weight:1200kg


1.   Ultrasonic: 4sets 

2.   2.Touch screen: 1 pcs (Delta)

3.PLC:  1pcs (Delta)

4.servo motor:4sets (Delta)

5.servo reduce: 4pcs

6.Cylinder: AirTAC

7. Theelectromagnetic valve: AirTAC

8.Automaticconstant tension: 1

9.Optoelectronics(stop for lack of material): 5

10.Discharge airshaft: 1

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