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disposable under pad making machine



disposable under pad making machine


1.   Touch-control,PLC program control, replace only need to enter the length of the data can beextremely simple. Easy to operate.

2.   Adopts stepless control of the governor which can adjust the thickness and weight .

3.   The cotton core pattern repression does not fall off, clearly and firmly.

4.   The cotton core can be added to the polymer(SAP) quantitative add, weight adjustable.

5.   This machine is full servo motor control, the length of any adjustable, high precision.

6.   Folding size:Length folding:1/2 or 1/3 (one machine only fit for one folding size )

7.   The machine uses toilet paper, laid paper, wood pulp, cotton mattress absorber as raw material.



1.    Power Supply:380V/50HZ

2.    Power:80kw(Include a hot melt glue machine)

3.    stable  Speed:0-70m/min(5 layers)   

4.    Dimension:20000*3000*3500mm

5.    Weight:15t

6.    Yung press:0.6mpa  1.2m3/min

7.    Products’ Specifications:Width(400-800mm),Length(500-1500mm)

8.    The core size: Width(300-700mm),Length(400-1200mm)

9.    SAP weight:0-50g/㎡

10. Wooden pulp weight:40-110g/㎡

11. Automatic tension control

12. Single SAP applicator

13. Absorbent core preparation unit

14. Absorbent layer cross cutting unit

15. Back sheet application and edge foldingunit

16. Hot melt gluing unit

17. Finished products embossing unit

18. Width folding unit

19. Finished products cutting unit

20. Length folding unit




1.10kg Hot melt glue machine :1set(Made in China)

2.Full servo motor:8 sets (Delta)

3.Discharge air craft:5pieces

4 Other Motor: Made in China

5 Touch screen: 1set(Delta)

6. Motion Controller: 1set(delta )

7 Low Voltage: Made in China

8 Bearing: Harbin

9 Cylinder valve: Made in China

10  Conveyor Belts: Made in China

11Cylinder :AirTAC

12Timing belt: Made in China




1.Before cutting blade:2 pieces

2.After cutting blade:2pieces



Delivery time:100days

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