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disposable bouffant cap making and packing machine



disposable bouffant cap making and packing machine

A  Process Description :

Elastic, non-woven fabric feeding——Edge Folding——shaping——Welding


Double elastic

Material:non-woven fabric 12g,material roll width 48cm 

elastic:double elastic                  packing: plastic bag, 100pcs/bag


B  Technical Parameter :

Supply Power: AC380V  50HZ

Power : 18kw

Speed : 0-100pcs/minute

Dimensions : 8000*2200*1650mm(L*W*H)

Net Weight:1900kg

C   OperatingProgram

1.Adjust the non-woven fabric plate and tension equipment.

2.Pull the non-woven fabrics into folding and welding manually.

3. Elastic feeding and pull into the Ultrasonic welding.

4.Open the main machine slowly, then start to welding and cutting.

D. main parts:

1.    Ultrasonic : 3sets  (Shanghai)

2.Touch screen:TaiWan “Wei- Lun”

3.PLC: 1pcs (delta)

4.servo motor: 8 sets(delta)

5. servo reducer: 8sets(Newstart)

6.Cylinder: Airtac

7. The electromagnetic valve: Airtac

8. conveyor belt:1pcs

9.Automatic constant tension: 1

10.Optoelectronics(stop for lack of material): 3

11.Discharge airshaft: 1

12.Suction fun:2sets


14.Step motor: 1pcs

15.waste collecting box: 1pcs

16:touch screen: WECON



E    Maintenance

    1.Pleasestart the ultrasonic welding equipment before open the main machine to avoidthe superimposed load damage the ultrasonic equipment.

2.Adjust the ultrasonic mould pressure, too big mayburnout it,too small may press unwell.

3.The pulling should be in balance when elastic feeding,or it may folding unwell.


F    Advantages

     1.This machine has aluminum alloy rack and will not get rusted permanently.

      2.It’s touch-operated.

      3.With ultrasonic welding, automatically controls tension.


 Payment:After 50% of the total value is paid in advance by (T/T), The left 50%

should be paid by (T/T) after you check up the finished machine. Andthe cargo

will be delivered after all the payment arrives at our account.

Delivered time: 40days

Package: Wooden packing

Warrant term: 1 year (not including ultrasonic or wearing parts)

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